Monthly Roundup: Catch Up on All Updates for November ‘22

NOVEMBER UPDATES: Founders Private Beta Launch and Exciting New Features Roll Out

Welcome Mblockers! We are more than excited to share these amazing updates and ensure you stay updated on what transpired in the month of November.

This month has been filled with significant milestones and feature enhancements. From the highly anticipated Launch of our Founders Private Beta to the introduction of new copy categories, here’s a start to a journey towards great success.


Let’s start by highlighting the key updates that made November an exceptional month. The highlight of the month was undoubtedly the Founders Private Beta Launch, which allowed a select group of users to get an exclusive sneak peek into this groundbreaking platform. 

Additionally, we rolled out new features that aim to enable you to achieve more. Also, we engaged in bug fixes and improvements to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Of These Updates

Founders Private Beta Launch

The start of November marked a significant milestone as we embarked on a new adventure with the launch of our Private Beta. This exclusive program offered a select group of users the opportunity to experience our platform firsthand and provide valuable feedback.

The Private Beta launch signifies the start of something new as we set out on a path toward creating a platform that caters to the unique needs and aspirations of our users.

New Copy Categories – Igniting Your Creativity

In our relentless pursuit of empowering users and also putting the requests and insights of our beta testers into consideration, we introduced new copy categories. These categories offer a collection of meticulously and professionally crafted content writer prompt templates that will ignite your creativity and enable you to write faster than ever before.

Whether you are drafting a blog post, crafting marketing copy, or creating social media content, templates are available for the Job. With this addition, we are not only streamlining your content creation process but also providing you with the tools to embark on a new level of success.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Our commitment to providing a seamless user experience means we are always working behind the scenes to address any issues. This month, we have invested significant effort in bug fixes and improvements to ensure an even smoother platform.

Our dedicated team of developers has diligently resolved reported bugs, enhanced platform stability, and refined existing features based on user feedback. We believe these improvements will greatly enhance your overall experience.

Final Note

As we bid farewell to November, we celebrate the dawn of a new beginning.

The Launch of our Private Beta and the addition of new copy categories mark significant milestones in our journey toward success. We are excited to embark on this path with you, our valued users, and we pledge to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to flourish.

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to send us an email at  We are more than excited to assist.