GET EXCITED: Our Roundup For The Month Of May Is Here – New Features & Improvements

Hello, Mblockers! Welcome to our monthly roundup, where we introduce you to all the exciting updates of the month.

In this month’s journey, we have been hard at work to elevate your MarketingBlocks experience, unleashing a fresh set of updates designed to help you achieve more. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

The Highlights

1. Page Builder Revamp – Say hello to an enhanced experience while building your pages. We have reimagined our Page Builder to make crafting your web pages smoother and more intuitive.

2. Leads Tracker and E-commerce Website Builder on Beta – Streamline Lead Management and Start Building Your Online Store.

3. Page Elements Animations – Make your web pages dazzle with Page Elements Animations. Add dynamic animations to page elements and create an engaging, interactive user experience.

4. More and more copy categories

Now, Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Of These Updates

1. Page Builder Revamp

We are committed to providing you with the best tools for building stunning websites. Our Page Builder has undergone a significant revamp to ensure that crafting your web pages is now smoother and more intuitive than ever. Say hello to a more intuitive and seamless page-building experience, ensuring an even more speedy completion.

2. Leads Tracker and E-commerce Website Builder (Beta Mode)

In addition to the revamped AI Page builder, we also introduce two game-changing features:

Leads Tracker

Keeping track of leads and customer interactions is now a breeze with MarketingBlocks. With or without autoresponders, you can effectively track and manage your leads within MarketingBlocks.

E-commerce Website Builder (Beta Mode)

Your e-commerce dreams are one step closer to reality! We are thrilled to announce that our E-commerce Website Builder is now available in beta mode. This means you can start creating your online store with our ready-made ecommerce template sections.

3. Page Elements Animations

Your web pages deserve to dazzle, and we have got just the feature to make that happen. Introducing Page Elements Animations, a new way to make your content stand out. Add dynamic animations to page elements and create an engaging, interactive user experience that leaves a lasting impression of visitors.

4. New Copy Categories

Content is king, and we are here to help you rule your domain.

Our expanded suite of Copy Categories is packed with fresh, innovative templates to supercharge your content creation process. Whether you need catchy slogans, persuasive sales pitches, or to develop customer personas, there is a template for you.

It keeps getting better!

As we bid farewell to May and look forward to a bright new month, rest assured that we are committed to continually improving and enhancing our platform. Together, we will continue to push boundaries and achieve greatness. Thank you for choosing MarketingBlocks!

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to send us an email at We are more than excited to assist you on your creative journey.