What’s Trending? Catch Up On All Exciting Updates for February ’23


Hello and welcome to our monthly roundup, where we introduce you to all the exciting updates of the month.

In this month’s journey, we redoubled our efforts to elevate your experience unleashing a fresh set of robust tools designed to help you achieve outstanding results. So, without further ado, let’s Jump right in.

The Highlights

1. AI Voiceover Tool v2.1 is now live in your accounts: create more realistic and human-sounding voiceovers in seconds.

2. Custom Prompt Templates and Categories: Create your very own custom prompt templates, save and reuse anytime.

3. ChatBlocks – Multi Modes option: Enjoy more flexibility

4. Bug fixes and Improvements: Rigorous testing, fixes and improvements for enhanced performance.

Now, Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Of These Updates

1. AI Voiceover Tool v2.1

We are excited to announce the release of AI Voiceover Tool v2.1. This updated version brings even more realistic and natural-sounding voices to your projects.

You can now enjoy:

  • Better AI script generation. Just enter a keyword (e.g., Dubai) and let AI write your voice-over script in seconds.
  • Human-like voice-overs in multiple languages.
  • Add Human EMOTIONS to your voice-overs: Friendly, Cheerful, Sad, Angry, Unfriendly, Whispering, Shouting, Terrified, Excited, etc.
  • New text block script editor for seamless voice-over generation for your sales videos, podcasts, educational videos, documentaries, any type of project.
  • And lots more.

This update is available on all accounts. Go ahead, explore the possibilities and give your voiceovers a professional touch.

2. Custom Prompt Templates and Categories

With the introduction of custom prompt templates and categories, we are putting the power in your hands.

You can now create your very own prompt templates that align perfectly with your project’s requirements – Yes! You just got empowered with the creator’s ability to craft tailored copy that resonates with your audience and saves you time in the long run.

Experiment, iterate, and optimize your content to perfection.

3. ChatBlocks – Multi Modes option

Introducing the ChatBlocks multi-mode option. This new feature lets you chat with Ethan via text and voice.

Whether you prefer typing or speaking, We have  got you covered. Engage in seamless conversations with Ethan, ask questions, seek advice, and discover new ideas using the mode that suits you best. Experience the convenience of effortless communication.

4. Bug Fixes and Improvements

In the course of the month, we engaged in rigorous testing, fix and continuous improvement.

We have made significant strides in enhancing the stability and performance of our platform. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are grateful for your support as we strive to provide you with the best possible experience.

Recap and Final Note

February has been an exciting month filled with new features, and customization power.

The introduction of custom prompt templates and categories empowers you to create more tailored and optimized copy. ChatBlocks multi-modal option allows you to effortlessly engage with Ethan through text and voice modes. And most excitingly, you can now upgrade your audio content with the latest version of our AI Voiceover Tool. Awesome, right?

Thank you for joining us on this journey of constant innovation. We are committed to delivering a platform that keeps getting better.

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to send us an email at support@marketingblocks.ai  We are more than excited to assist.