Monthly Roundup: Catch Up on All Exciting Updates for November ’23

GET EXCITED: You Can Now Create Drop-Down Menus, Track your Bot Conversations, and Do Lots More!

Hello and welcome to our monthly roundup, where we bring you the latest and most exciting updates of the month.

Last month was exceptional, and November continued the trend with a flurry of exciting developments. Packed with action, this month’s updates are designed to enable you achieve more in your business and for your clients than ever before. Let’s dive right in:

The Highlights

1. AI Bot Messaging Option: Track and manage your Bot conversations in our view.

2. Big Menu Update – Create and customize Mega Menus, Drop Down Menus, etc.

3. Bug fixes and Improvements.

4. Massive updates and new tools in the works – Anticipate MarketingBlocks V 3.0

Now, Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Of These Updates

1. AI Bot Messaging Option

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the AI BOT Builder in MarketingBlocks. With this new update, you can now seamlessly track and manage all your bot conversations in one convenient view.

Let’s imagine you have deployed your bot on your website. A visitor arrives and engages with your bot by asking questions or seeking assistance. Previously, it might have been challenging to keep track of these interactions, but not anymore.

With the AI BOT messaging option, you have the power to capture and organize every conversation.

Here Is How It Works

When a visitor interacts with your bot, the system automatically captures the conversation and notes essential details such as the visitor’s name and email.

Why is this so exciting?

Imagine a scenario where a visitor inquires about your services but doesn’t make a purchase. Thanks to this update, you can now follow up with them, addressing any unresolved concerns or providing additional information. Moreover, armed with their name and email, you can send personalized marketing messages tailored to their specific queries.

In essence, this update turns your bot conversations into a valuable resource. It’s not just about managing interactions; it’s about leveraging those conversations to enhance customer engagement, address issues promptly, and deliver personalized experiences.

Embrace the convenience of having all your bot conversations at your fingertips – because every interaction matters.

2. Big Menu Update – Create and customize Mega Menus, Drop Down Menus, etc.

We know how crucial it is to create a user-friendly interface, and this update is designed to help you achieve just that.

With the Big Menu Update, you can now create eye-catching mega menus, dropdown menus, and much more. Customization options are limitless, giving you the power to design a menu that perfectly suits your website’s style and structure.

Say goodbye to cluttered navigation and embrace a sleek and intuitive user experience.

Here Is How To Access This Feature

Step 1: Log into your MarketingBlocks account and launch the AI Page Builder

Step 2: Create a new page or select an existing one.

Step 3: Check through the menu templates, drag and drop your preferred menu.

Step 4: Select a “menu option” and on the left hand pane, there will be an option to toggle on the “drop-down” menu. Toggle-on, and select from the available drop-down menu templates.

Step 5: Customize.

3. Customer’s Feedback, bug fixes & improvements

We are constantly striving to improve your experience, and November was no exception. We dedicated time and resources to reviewing users’ feedback and went on a rigorous bug sweep, resulting in an overall improvement.

Our commitment to delivering a seamless and enjoyable user experience remains unwavering.

And now, the BIG NEWS!

We have been hard at work developing new groundbreaking AI-powered tools that will revolutionize your marketing and overall delivery. The excitement is palpable, and though we are tempted to spill the beans, we are keeping it under wraps for now – ANTICIPATE.

MarketingBlocks Version 3.0 coming soon. . .

And it’s going to be MASSIVE!

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to send us an email at  We are more than excited to assist.