January ‘24 Updates Are Here – Catch Up On All Happenings

Beta Launch of MarketingBlocks v3.0, conducting reviews, and setting a growth tone for the year, January was indeed a fantastic start

Hello Amazing Mblockers’

We warmly welcome you to a fresh year brimming with thrilling updates, enhancements, and exciting opportunities.

Following the grand reveal of MarketingBlocks v3.0, the buzz has been nothing short of extraordinary. Early users who embarked on an extensive review with us have unanimously confirmed that 3.0 is a genuine game-changer.

Timothy, one of our esteemed ambassadors with early access, expressed in his feedback, “MarketingBlocks 3.0 is the best and most advanced all-in-one tool out there.”

Another delighted user puts it this way, “MarketingBlocks 3.0 is a really exciting and powerful new tool.”

This enthusiastic reception sets the stage for an exhilarating year ahead. So, gear up for a transformative journey in your business, as we go all-in to give you the best.

In this month, we not only witnessed the incredible reception of 3.0 but also took strategic steps to engage with our users, setting the tone for growth throughout the year. Here’s a roundup of everything that went down at MarketingBlocks.

Public Beta Launch of MarketingBlocks 3.0

We are thrilled to announce the public beta launch of MarketingBlocks 3.0! This much-awaited update introduces a plethora of exciting features designed to revolutionize your experience.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of the new features:

AI Page Builder v3.0 – Create stunning, fast-loading, and responsive websites effortlessly using our new drag-and-drop freehand website builder, powered by artificial intelligence.

This is a massive leap from the two point zero edition, addressing all design limitations and more.

With pre-designed templates and a robust library of customizable elements, you can build any type of website in minutes with little to no technical skill required.

AI Social Spark v3.0 – Say goodbye to the complexities and hassles of social media management and hello to the simplest and most efficient AI-powered Social Media Automation tool you’ve ever seen.

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly bulk-generate months of high-quality and unique social media content, and seamlessly schedule it across all platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Funnel Builder – A robust and easy-to-use funnel mapping tool that empowers you to plan, plot, and visualize your entire marketing campaign from awareness and lead generation to nurturing and conversion.

With this tool, you become a PRO Funnel Architect, mapping and crafting winning funnels with clarity and precision.

Product & Cart – A powerful product and checkout processing system that allows you to generate secured checkout & buy links to sell a physical or digital product like software, online courses, e-books, membership sites, coaching, consulting, or services and get paid.

Get paid globally with PayPal, Stripe, or use local payment providers or MarketingBlocks inbuilt payment processor and receive the money in your bank account. This powerful new tool Includes profit-boosting features like upsells, funnels, 1 click order bumps, coupons, a full automation suite, and more with zero transaction fees!

Course Builder – Create, sell and deliver life-changing courses, mentorships, challenges, and coaching programs. This tool comes with everything you need to quickly transform your knowledge and passion into a profitable business. Includes free video hosting, multiple course formats, quizzes & assessments, certificates, feedback, and more.

Membership Builder – Effortlessly Create beautiful membership portals to secure any type of content or page behind free, paid, or recurring subscriptions. You can set up multiple plans & access levels for easy upsells and cross-sells. 

Protect any MarketingBlocks page or external pages in 1-click. Easily connect with MarketingBlocks checkout system or third party payments & checkout systems like JVZoo, Warrior Plus, Thrive Cart, PayKickstart, ClickBank, PayPal, PayDotCom, PayStack, FlutterWave, and many, many more.

MarketingBlocks 3.0 pushes the boundary of what’s possible, offering you an advanced all-in-one AI-powered suite to skyrocket your business outcomes this year and beyond. Dive in, explore, and feel free to let us know how 3.0 is transforming your business.

Feedback & Customer Interviews

Understanding our users is at the heart of our mission. This month, we took a step back to engage with amazing customers like you. Through insightful interviews, we delved into your pain points, wishes, and expectations.

This invaluable feedback has shaped our roadmap for the future, allowing us to make targeted improvements and enhancements that truly address your needs. We are grateful for your participation and are excited to deliver an even better experience based on your insights.

Ongoing User Experience Updates

We believe in delivering a seamless and delightful user experience, and thus, we continued in our efforts to refine and optimize MarketingBlocks. Based on the feedback received from our customer interview sessions and our own observations, we implemented several improvements to streamline workflows, simplify navigation, and enhance overall usability.

Recap & Final Note

January was a month of progress, setting the stage for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

As we move forward, rest assured that it keeps getting better, as we are always striving to give you the best. Thank you for being a part of our journey, welcome to a new year!

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us at support@marketingblocks.ai We are more than excited to assist you on your creative journey.