Say Hello to Animated Talking Chatbot, our Newest Addition To The MarketingBlocks AI Chatbot Builder

This powerful update takes conversational AI to the next level. With this update you can engage your website visitors with lifelike natural-sounding talking avatars.

Train your bot with your business data, activate the animated avatar, and start delivering personalized and interactive experience to your customers 24/7.

Here Is How To Access This New Feature In MarketingBlocks

Step 1: Log into your MarketingBlocks Account, navigate to the AI bot Builder tool and launch.

Step 2: Create a new chatbot or open an existing bot.

Step 3: Click the “interface” tab and scroll down the page to access the “animated avatar option.” 

Step 4: Activate the animated avatar option, select from our predefined HD avatars or upload a custom avatar, and select the perfect matching voice.

Animated Talking Chatbot Vs Conventional Text-based Chatbots

1. Improved Engagement

Animated Talking Chatbots have the ability to engage users in a more interactive and personalized manner.  They use voice and facial expressions, making interactions feel more human-like. This engagement can create a more memorable and enjoyable user experience on your websites.

2. Brand Representation and Recognition

Adding animated custom avatars can enhance brand representation and recognition. By designing chatbot avatars that align with a company’s branding, businesses can reinforce their identity and make their chatbots more memorable to users.

3. Enhanced Communication and Clarity

Animated Talking Chatbots excel in conveying information with greater clarity. The combination of spoken language, text, and visual cues ensures the message is effectively communicated.

This is next-level marketing! With enhanced engagement, increased efficiency, and the opportunity for brand differentiation, this feature empowers businesses to provide seamless and personalized support, ultimately fostering stronger customer relationships – Its time to go all in and give your customers the best experience possible.

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to send us an email at  We are more than excited to assist.