Exploring The Exciting Updates In April: Release Of Powerful New AI Tools And More

Hello Mblockers!

This month, we are thrilled to announce the successful launch of a range of powerful AI tools. These tools provide a firsthand experience of the remarkable and incredible capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Get excited as we take you on a quick walkthrough of these new tools and other amazing highlights from April.

The Highlights

Chat inside documents: A revamp of the document tool to include “Chat with AI” functionality for real-time assistance as you create documents in MarketingBlocks.

New tool: AutoGPT Book Writer – Write a 20k-word book From Just A Keyword.

New tool: AI Video Spokesperson – Transform any text script into a captivating spokesperson video featuring real humans or avatars.

New tool: AI Video Creator V2.1 – We have taken our intuitive AI video tool to the next level. Now, you can create professional and engaging videos for all your sales and marketing needs. Say hello to AI video creator V2.1

Bug fixes were carried out based on customers’ feedback.

Now, Let’s Take A Closer Look At Each Of These Updates

1. Chat inside documents

Write better, faster, and more creatively with AI by your side. Get real-time assistance as you create your documents.

We are excited to inform you that in the course of the Month, the MarketingBlocks document tool got revamped – This tool now has a new structure and a “Chat with AI” functionality to supercharge your productivity.

2. New tool: AI Video Spokesperson

Camera shy? Tired of spending hours on video creation? No worries! With the newly Launched spokespersons video creator, you can transform any text script into a captivating spokesperson video featuring real humans or avatars. No camera, studio, or video editing skills needed!

Here Is How It Works

Step 1: Log into your MarketingBlocks account, and launch the AI Spokes Videos Creator.

Step 2: Click the “Create new” button, enter your video title, and proceed.

Step 3: Select from our long list of actors, and customize your video appearance to fit your brand and use case.

Step 4: Type in your script or allow AI to generate a script for you from a keyword,  select a matching voice, and click “Generate” to experience the wonders of this new tool.

3. New tool: AI Video Creator V2.1

This is a massive leap from what we had in version 2.0. With the NEW MARKETINGBLOCKS AI VIDEO CREATOR, you can now:

  1. Create professional and engaging videos for all your sales, marketing, and business needs.
  2. Create videos of any length in just minutes and in ONLY a few clicks.
  3. Add as many slides/scenes as you need as against being limited to just five slides in 2.0.
  4. Create videos with your custom script or allow AI to generate a script for you from just a keyword.
  5. Select from our range of professional human-like voices and sync with video – It’s super seamless.
  6. Fast HD video rendering
  7. Share created videos via a link, via email, etc.
  8. Get email notifications once your video is fully prepared, and many more!
4. AutoGPT Book Writer

Did you know that you can create a 20,000+ word book from just a keyword? This is mind-blowing!

With this new tool in MarketingBlocks, you can become an author in just a day. Simply provide the keyword as input, and our AI generates a full-blown book that covers the topic in depth.

Watch it live here.

Recap and Final Note

April has been a month of progress and innovation. With the introduction of chat functionality in documents, the groundbreaking AutoGPT Book Writer, the AI Video Spokesperson, and the enhanced AI Video Creator. These additions are just a glimpse of our commitment to continuously improving our platform and providing you with the best in AI technology to enable you to achieve more.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to listening to your feedback, addressing any concerns promptly, and delivering a seamless and user-friendly platform.

Keep building and winning with MarketingBlocks!

Have any questions or need assistance? Feel free to send us an email at support@marketingblocks.ai  We are more than excited to assist.