Copyai vs Jasper vs MarketingBlocks

The Internet has brought about a drastic change in the landscape and day-to-day running of businesses. And now, Artificial Intelligence(AI)  is revolutionizing this process, offering new opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach more potential customers with greater efficiency than ever before.

AI is radically changing many industries in the business world and marketing, sales, and customer service are not left out, They can all benefit from the capabilities AI provides for companies and this inclusion of AI in marketing isn’t just a trend, it’s a common practice in all industries.

Content marketing is one area that really benefits from the computing and technology powering AI. By leveraging artificial intelligence in combination with SEO techniques and innovative distribution methods, businesses can maximize their online presence while minimizing costs.

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to develop, businesses and individuals are turning to AI-powered tools for various needs, including copywriting, customer service, and marketing. 

AI-Powered CopyWritting and Marketing Platforms:

These are software tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to automate various aspects of the content creation and marketing processes.

These platforms can help businesses and individuals generate content more efficiently and effectively, by reducing the time and effort required for manual copywriting and marketing tasks.

They use NLP algorithms to analyze data and generate human-like content, such as website copy, product descriptions, and ad copy.

These platforms can also help optimize content for search engine rankings, target specific audiences, and provide suggestions for improving the quality and relevance of the content.

 AI-powered marketing platforms, on the other hand, use AI algorithms to automate various aspects of the marketing process, including lead generation, email marketing, social media management, and ad campaign creation.

These platforms can help businesses improve their marketing ROI by targeting the right audience, creating more effective campaigns, and analyzing data to optimize performance.

Overall, AI-powered copywriting and marketing platforms can provide businesses and individuals with a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and better results.

As AI technology continues to advance, these platforms are likely to become even more sophisticated and useful for a wide range of applications.

In this comparison article, we will examine three of the top AI-powered platforms currently available for copywriting and marketing: Copyai, Jasper, and MarketingBlocks.

Overview of Copyai, Jasper, and MarketingBlocks

Copyai, Jasper, and MarketingBlocks are three AI-powered platforms that offer different functionalities for copywriting and marketing.


Features and functionalities of MarketingBlocks:

  • Page Builder: MarketingBlocks creates the layout, writes the copy, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create high-converting landing pages for more leads & sales. It also comes with a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to edit in a few clicks.
  • Marketing Copy for SalesPages, Website, EcomStores & Blogs: With MarketingBocks, you can Create content for social media, blogs, websites, sales pages, SEO, company profile, and Ecom stores without writing a single word yourself.
  • Speech Synthesis & Voice Cloning: Marketingblocks writes powerful scripts and turns them into audio using human-like voiceovers. It allows you to Choose from a wide section of high-quality male and female AI voices.
  • SEO Content Briefs: Marketingblocks writes articles that rank on search engines.
  • Text To Arts Feature: Marketingblocks Text To Arts feature turns Any Text Into Compelling Images & Arts In Seconds Using A.I.

Applications of MarketingBlocks:

  • Marketingcopy
  • Email writing
  • Video Creation
  • ContentBriefs
  • Page Building
  • Image Enhancer
  • Logo & Business Card Creation
  • Banner designs
  • And so on.

Copy AI

Copyai is an AI-powered platform that uses advanced AI algorithms to generate human-like content, such as blog posts, product descriptions, and ad copy. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze data and generate content that is tailored to the needs of the user.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that allows users to enter a few keywords or phrases and receive a fully formed piece of content, such as a blog post, product description, or ad copy.

Copyai’s AI algorithms analyze data and generate content that is tailored to the user’s specific needs, including tone, style, and voice.

Overall, Copyai can help businesses and individuals save time and effort in their copywriting process, while also improving the effectiveness of their content. 

Features and functionalities of Copyai

  • Content Templates: Copy AI offers a variety of content generation templates. Users have access to more than 90 templates. It can be short or long-form content. These templates include social media posts, blog posts, sales copy, and more.
  • Multi-Language: Copy AI is a multilingual AI copywriting tool, so you can use it to write content in your native language. The tool supports over 25 languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and others. This is helpful, particularly if you want to address a worldwide audience
  • Plagiarism Checker: This tool helps detect phrases and sentences that might be the same as another post.
  • High-Quality Content: content produced by is relatively error-free and grammatically correct. You’ll have to make tweaks here and there, but generally speaking, the initial outputs are a great starting point in content development.

Applications of Copyai

  • Blog Content
  • Website Copy
  • Video Content
  • Social Media Content
  • Ad copy
  • And so on….

Overall, Copyai can help businesses and individuals save time and effort in their copywriting process, while also improving the effectiveness of their content.

Formerly known as, is a content writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to write content for you. It’s based on the open-source GPT-3 API.

Jasper is an AI-powered copywriting tool that uses generative AI to generate marketing copy, such as blog posts, product descriptions, company bios, ad copy, and social media captions.

The tool offers hundreds of templates to choose from, responding to many scenarios – like if you want to write a long-form blog post or need the perfect response to a review. 

Jasper can also be customized to fit specific business needs. The platform’s AI engine can be trained on business-specific data to improve accuracy and reduce errors.

Overall, the Jasper AI product is great for those who want to save time and money by outsourcing their content.

Features and functionalities of Jasper.AI

  • Text and image AI generation: Jarvis can generate a certain number of words on your topic. You can give a few hints (titles, headings, or a few sentences) and click a button to see what the software comes up with. It can handle producing AI blog content, long-form AI content, and even captions for social media.
  • Plagiarism checker: Jasper has an integrated plagiarism checker that allows you to search your content for matching text and gives you a percentage match. 
  • Brand voice has a feature that allows you to set the tone of voice for your content. This isn’t a multiple-choice tool, so you’ll need to come up with your own tone descriptors.
  • Sentence Rewriting: Jasper’s “rephrase” tool can generate different ways to say the same thing if your generated content or original writing needs a tweak. There’s also a “fix grammar” and “explain it to a 5th grader” button.
  • Integration with Grammarly: Jasper allows you to activate the Grammarly toolbar as an overlay on top of your Jasper-generated content.

Applications of Jasper.AI:

  • Marketing copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posts 
  • Company Bios
  • Long-form content
  • And so on…

Overall, the Jasper AI product is great for those who want to save time and money by outsourcing their content.

Each of these platforms offers unique features and functionalities that can help businesses and individuals improve their marketing efforts. By comparing the different capabilities and strengths of each platform, users can choose the one that best meets their specific needs and goals.

Comparison: Copy ai vs vs Marketingblocks:

  1. Natural language processing (NLP): All three platforms utilize NLP in content creation.
  1. Features and functionality comparison: While all three software have some features in common, some features stand unique to each of them and this is a breakdown in the table below:
Features and FunctionalityCopyAIJasper.AIMarketingBlocks
AI Copy and Copywriter ***
Long Form Content ***
Language Support29+25+100+
Image Creator**
Text to Image***
Email Writer***
Page Builder*
Video Creator*

3. Pricing Comparison: 


MarketingBlocks has a free, pro, and unlimited plan. The free plan gives you access to 2,000 credits and 30 AI tools.

The pro plan which is billed at $57 monthly gives you access to 50,000 credits,100+AI Tools, Unlimited projects, AI text to image(500),3 team members, VIP Coaching, and priority support.

.Finally, the unlimited plan which is billed at $67 gives you access to unlimited credits,100+AI tools, AI text to-image (2000),50 AI Videos, 5 Team Members, Priority Support, and VIP Coaching.


Copyai offers a subscription-based pricing model. Has a free and pro plan.

The pro plan is billed at $36 monthly and $432 yearly. With Copy AI’s Pro Plan, there are five user seats, unlimited runs, access to all the writing tools, and 25+ languages. The Free plan only gives you 2,000 words per month with only one user seat.


Jasper AI provides the Creator, team, and Business plan. The creator plan begins at $39 per month, which gives you access to unlimited words of content, over 50 AI templates, chat support, and 29+ languages.

The  Teams plan starts at $99 per month and offers everything in the creator plan plus 

 a long-form writing assistant, Jarvis Chat, a Plagiarism checker, and Document Editor. 

The pricing for the Business plan is custom based.

Jasper AI does not offer a free plan but you can get started with a 7-day free trial on the Creator or Teams plan.

4. Ease of Use comparison:

Here’s a comparison of the ease of use of Copyai, Jasper.AI, and MarketingBlocks:

MarketingBlocks: MarketingBlocks offers a simple user interface that is easy to navigate. The platform provides pre-built marketing templates that can be customized, making it easy for users to create marketing content without prior design experience.

Copyai: Copyai has a simple user interface, making it easy for users to generate copy quickly. The platform offers a dashboard that allows users to track the performance of generated copy and make necessary adjustments. Copyai also provides pre-built templates and suggestions to help users get started.

Jasper.AI: Jasper.AI’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the creation of conversational workflows. The platform also offers a visual editor that makes it easy for users to customize the workflows.

Overall, all three platforms are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise. 

Jasper AI vs. vs MarketingBlocks Which should you choose?

While these tools are similar, there are a few key differences that make them better fit for different business purposes, it’s important to consider your business needs and priorities when selecting a platform.

If you need just high-quality marketing content, Copyai and are great options. Their advanced language models can create content for various platforms, including social media, email, and websites.

If on the other hand, you are searching for an AI marketing assistant that meets all your marketing needs ranging from copywriting to content marketing to video creation, designs, landing pages, and the list is endless…Then MarketingBlocks is your go-to tool. It is an ALL-IN-ONE business creation platform that eases the stress of purchasing so many tools because, with MarketingBlocks, you can meet all your marketing needs from a single dashboard.