How To Create a Highly Profitable Ad Campaign Using AI

In the next few minutes, we’ll be diving deep into the world of online advertising powered by AI.

You’ll learn the secrets of crafting Ad campaigns that don’t only get engagement, but drive real results. I’ll show you how to use AI to create the perfect message& assets for your Ads, and target the right audience, thereby growing your business.

By the end of this course, you’re going to be armed with the best strategies & tools that are needed to change the game & climb up to the next level in your business. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a beginner who’s looking to record his first online success, you’re going to find this video valuable. 

My name is Ifiok Nkem, a seasoned digital marketer and the proud founder of a thriving company boasting 7-figure annual revenues. My affiliation with the esteemed Forbes Business Council stands as a testament to my contributions to the industry.

For over a decade, I’ve delved deep into the world of online marketing, mastering the craft of digital product development and sales. 

My relentless pursuit of knowledge and agility in adapting to rapid shifts in the market landscape sets me apart.

My fascination with AI began soon after its introduction. 

Ever since, I’ve been harnessing its capabilities across various facets of my business, particularly in advertising.

Today’s advertising world is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. 

We’ve moved beyond just compelling graphics and catchy phrases. Now, the spotlight is on leveraging AI’s game–changing power in advertising– precisely what this course offers.

With that backdrop, let’s plunge into our journey.

Let’s begin by tracing the evolution of advertising. 

Understanding the Dynamic Landscape of Digital Advertising

Once, word of mouth was the primary advertising medium, where information travelled organically. This was eventually overshadowed by billboards, newspaper ads, and eventually, TV commercials, encapsulating the essence of traditional advertising.

While these methods expanded an ad’s reach, they weren’t without limitations. 

For example, launching a TV commercial demanded significant investments, making it an avenue exclusive to well-funded businesses. Moreover, assessing the impact of such advertisements posed challenges. 

Businesses struggled to gauge the exact audience engagement, let alone its conversion rate.

In today’s world, it’s undeniable: advertising has transitioned to a predominantly digital platform. 

The internet connects billions of users across the globe, via various devices like smartphones and computers.

This shift to digital eradicated many hurdles tied to traditional advertising.

Take a moment to consider this.

While TV commercials demand hefty budgets, social media advertising welcomes all – from startups to established enterprises, and every budget in between.

Additionally, the reach of online ads is unprecedented. Unlike billboards confined to specific locations, digital ads transcend geographical boundaries.

And, one of the digital platform’s crowning jewels? Transparency. You can monitor every click, view, and purchase resulting from your advertisement.

However, progress isn’t without its challenges.

While old problems dissipate, new ones emerge in the dynamic realm of digital advertising. For instance, the fleeting attention span of modern internet users is a genuine concern.

Amidst the barrage of content – from articles to ads – an average user spares barely a few seconds on each. Furthermore, the phenomenon of “ad blindness” is on the rise. Overexposed to advertisements, users effortlessly sidestep and dismiss them.

The antidote? Exceptional, eye-catching ads that resonate.

For large corporations, crafting such ads is feasible with dedicated teams of experts. 

Regrettably, smaller businesses often grapple at this juncture.

This is where AI comes in. 

Let’s delve deeper into the transformative power of AI in digital advertising.

The Role of AI in Digital Advertising

Imagine AI as an incredibly astute computer, mimicking advanced human capabilities – from processing information to decision-making.

In the realm of digital ads, AI emerges as an invaluable ally. While traditionally, you’d invest considerable time and effort in audience research, conceptualizing innovative strategies, and refining your campaigns – AI streamlines this, often outperforming human limitations.

Simply put, AI is revolutionizing the digital advertising landscape.

Harnessing AI’s power allows you to dive deep into customer data, discerning patterns and preferences—identifying their clicks and choices. 

This goldmine of insights lets you fine-tune your ad campaigns for better outcomes.

Consider this example:

Imagine you operate an online fashion boutique.

AI can sift through data from your ad-driven purchases, offering invaluable insights about these customers. With this knowledge, you can hone your ads to resonate with potential clientele.

But AI’s role in digital advertising doesn’t end there. It’s a boon for swiftly and effectively crafting Ad creatives.

What’s An Ad Creative?

It’s the spotlight of your advertisement – the element that draws the viewer in and nudges them to act. It’s what your audience interacts with.

Breaking it down:

1. Visuals: This includes images, videos, and graphics. Their primary role? Capture attention.

2. Copy/Text: These words adorn your Ad, crafted meticulously to persuade your audience towards a designated action.

3. Call-to-Action (CTA): This is the final prompt, guiding your viewer on the next step—be it “Click Here”, “Learn More”, or “Book A Call”.

Given AI’s adeptness at gauging user preferences, it can craft creatives that engage your audience and drive conversions.

Now, on to the hands-on part.

Let me introduce you to the AI-powered software I mentioned earlier.

Imagine having a versatile AI companion dedicated to enhancing your marketing endeavours.

Introducing MarketingBlocks

Not just a tool to simplify your tasks, but a revolutionary platform designed to elevate your campaigns, making them more engaging and yielding better returns.

With MarketingBlocks, you can:

  • Craft persuasive Ad copies that truly resonate.
  • Produce dynamic videos that captivate and heighten customer interest.
  • Design dazzling visuals that perfectly embody your product.

Let’s dive into a real-time example: I’m launching an Ad campaign for my Dietary Supplement product.

How to generate Ad Creatives using MarketingBlocks

Crafting the Ad Copy:

1. Launch the MarketingBlocks app and select the copy tool.

2. Name the project: “Dietary Supplements”.

3. Using the writer tool, select “Facebook Ads” from the “prompt template” dropdown.

4. Input details: Product name – Jas Dietary Supplements, Product description – “Promotes heart health, cognitive function & more”, Ad Goal – Brand Awareness, Target Audience – Adults aged 40 and above.

5. Instantly, MarketingBlocks suggests three ad copies, each accompanied by an image recommendation. 

I’ve opted for the first one, and voilà, my Facebook ad copy is set!

The next part is designing an Ad banner

1. Within MarketingBlocks, opt for the Design AI tool.

2. Provide product details.

3. AI provides diverse templates for different dimensions and aesthetics.

4. I’ve chosen a template and customized it based on AI’s image suggestion, and the result is fantastic. Our banner looks great, and it’s ready for use. 

All I need to do is download it, and then upload it to Facebook for my Ad campaign. 

Let’s look at videos. 

Of course, we can’t talk about crushing our ad campaignwithout looking at videos. It’s proven that Ads with videos convert better than regular images & graphics. 

Here’s how to create videos for Ads using MarketingBlocks

1. Choose the video creation tool.

2. Title: “Jas Dietary Supplement: Your Path to Optimal Wellness”, Keyword: “Embrace Wellness”.

3. We’ll generate the video script with AI, and then customize it however we want. 

4. MarketingBlocks lets you tailor each scene and add a personalized touch with background music or voiceovers.

5. I can set my video to any dimension – landscape, vertical or square. 

6. Finally, I’ll generate video and download it for my Ad campaign. 

That’s it. Simple & straightforward. 

With MarketingBlocks, you’re armed with everything, from eye-catching banners and resonant ad copies to immersive videos, all AI-driven.

In conclusion,

We’ve journeyed through the transformative potential of AI with MarketingBlocks and its applications. It’s time for you to experience it firsthand.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity! Register for your free access to MarketingBlocks and venture into a realm of endless possibilities.

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