How To Create Quality Videos Fast and Expand Your Social Media Following

Are you looking to skyrocket your presence on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram? You’re in the right place!

In this article, you’re going to learn:

  • How to exponentially grow your social media account with compelling videos.
  • The secrets behind crafting irresistible videos that hold attention and drive engagement.
  • How to rapidly create high-quality videos using a straightforward AI tool.
  • Tips and tricks to distribute your videos effectively across various platforms.

Now, let me introduce myself.

I’m Ifiok Nkem, the course creator. I’ve successfully run a software company for the last three years, during which we’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue by selling software products to our cherished customers.

Not only that, but I also hold the honour of being a member of the Forbes Business Council, where I dedicate myself to sharing insights and knowledge to uplift and inspire upcoming entrepreneurs.

Why should you listen to me? A couple of reasons:

Firstly, my journey in creating numerous types of videos, such as demo, explainers, and promotional videos, has been vast and intricately observant of video evolution over the years. I understand the key components and techniques to crafting quality videos that deliver results.

Secondly, my primary channel for raising product awareness and acquiring new customers has been social media. From running paid ads with thousands of dollars invested monthly to reaping the benefits of free traffic through video content, I’ve leveraged social media in all its facets.
In essence, I’ve immersed myself in video creation and social media growth enough to genuinely call myself an expert.

In this course, we’re diving deep into how to create unmissable videos and utilizing them to build your social media audience. More importantly, you’ll uncover how to quickly produce quality videos using an AI tool and effectively share them across all platforms.

Are you ready to dive in? 

Let’s get started and turn your video content into a growth engine for your social media platforms!

Hey, let’s talk videos.

Benefit of Adding Videos to your Marketing Strategy

Have you noticed? Videos are everywhere. Back in the day, we only watched them on TV, mostly just for fun. But now, they’re not just on TV but on our phones, computers, tablets…everywhere. 

We use them for all sorts of things: learning stuff, chatting with friends, and, of course, businesses use them too, to talk to us, their customers.

Why do we love videos so much? Well, we humans just love seeing things. Pictures are cool, but videos? They’re pictures that move, and that’s even cooler.

A quick fact: 8 out of 10 people will buy something just after watching a video about it. That’s how powerful videos are in the business world.

If you’re a business owner, think of videos as your bridge to customers. Show off your products in a video, and you’ve got more eyes and ears on what you’re selling because we love watching videos, remember?

And it’s not all about selling things. Videos teach us stuff, too.

In my own business, we pop out a video showing how it works when we make new software. It’s easy for our audience to understand what’s going on without getting bogged down in jargon and tech talk.

But videos are no longer just entertainment tools; they shape how we learn, shop, and communicate. Businesses can talk to customers really engage them with the help of videos.

This is why learning to make good videos is key if you’re a business person. And getting them out there for people to see is equally key.

Enter social media – your video’s best friend.

So, you’re probably Social media doesn’t just share your video; it helps it travel, reaching one person, then another, and another, until boom, millions see it! 

Sometimes, it goes so big we say it’s gone “viral.”

Social media platforms want to keep us scrolling and watching, so they reward interesting content. 

What is the secret sauce to growing your social media following? Yup, you guessed it – super engaging videos!

Once you post a catchy video, the social media algorithms say, “Hey, people like this!” and they show it to even more folks. More views, more followers, and more engagement for you.

Thinking, “How do I make a high-quality, super-interesting video?”

Let’s be honest; video creation can be tricky, time-consuming, and cost a few bucks. You need equipment, expertise, or maybe even to hire an expert.

But wait – what if you could use AI to create your videos?

Imagine a smart computer that can learn and do things just like a super-smart human – that’s AI for you! It can speed up your video creation process and even save money.

You might typically spend days thinking of a video concept, writing a script, recording, and editing. But with AI, and the tool I’m about to show you, you can whip up a fantastic video in less than a day. 

It’s called MarketingBlocks

This isn’t just any tool. It’s your new best friend in making marketing stuff, like videos, websites, articles, graphics, and much more.

Imagine crafting a stunning video just by typing a single keyword and doing it in minutes. Yep, it’s that awesome!

Let me walk you through it, step by step, so hang tight.

First up, log into MarketingBlocks and pop open the video creator tool.

Name your video, pick a theme colour for your project, and then proceed.

Let’s say we’re cooking up a sizzling video to promote our real estate business. 

In our social media-crazy world with giants like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, one truth is clear: short, snappy videos are the secret weapon to snagging and growing your audience.

Why short? Because attention is the new currency, and let’s face it, it’s in short supply. 

Deliver your message quickly and catchy, and you’ll hook your viewers, light up their curiosity, and leave them drooling for more.

Your video script needs to be engaging & fun. That way, people can watch your video for long and even take action. 

Alright, let’s dive back into our video creation.

How to Create Engaging Videos for Your Social Media Audience Using MarketingBlocks

In MarketingBlocks, once you’ve named your video and picked a colour, you’ll see a spot for your script. Stuck without a script or not sure how to whip one up? 

No worries. MarketingBlocks AI can generate scripts with keywords or a brief description of your product. 

Let’s use the keyword “Real Estate”, and let’s see what AI is able to do. 

With your script ready, hit this button. After that, AI will commence with turning your script into a video. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

MarketingBlocks also lets you play director in a super user-friendly video editor. You can chop and change scenes, add videos or images, or pluck from the AI’s massive stock image collection.

Want your videos branded? Add a watermark or logo. 

Want music or voiceover? Hit “Settings” and choose from a library of tunes, or add your voice. Or let the AI generate a voiceover from your script, choosing from over a hundred male or female voices.

And just like that, you’ve created a marketing masterpiece with MarketingBlocks. 

Exciting, right?

Creating your marketing videos just got a lot easier, and you can create any type of video – with or without voiceover. 

You can also edit & modify every part of your video. It’s like having a mini Hollywood studio right at your fingertips.

You can roll with what our smart AI creates for you or get hands-on, adding or removing bits and pieces to get it just right.

Finally, when you’re done & want to publish your video, you have 3 dimensions to choose from – Landscape, square, or vertical. Since our goal is to grow our social media following using video content, I’ll make the video vertical. 

Why vertical? 

1. Mobile Friendliness: About 80% of internet users use their mobile phones, and they love to watch vertical videos, as it offers a friendly viewing experience. By creating vertical videos, you can get more engagement, views & followers.

2. Platform Compatibility: Think Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and TikTok – all designed for vertical viewing, giving you access to massive audiences.

3. Viral Potential: The more people you have viewing your vertical video on their mobile phones, the higher your chances of getting a share & re-share on your video. Over time, the video explodes & is viewed by millions of people who become potential clients. 

Now, let’s continue. 

To make your video a vertical video, Head to settings, click on the vertical video option, and that’s it. Your video is automatically re-sized to the vertical format. 

Now, the next & final step is to publish your video. 

Hit the “Generate” button & your video will be ready in a few minutes. You can download or share it on platforms like Instagram, TikTok & YouTube. 

With this nifty tool, you’re saving time and dialling up your creativity, reaching and resonating with audiences far and wide.

Now, we’ve come to the end of the video, and I want to thank you for sticking to the end. 

I have a special gift for you. 

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Well, it’s your lucky day. 

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That’s all, my friend. 

Thanks for hanging out with me Today.