How to Generate Viral Hashtags For Your Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Posts in 30 Seconds Flat!

In this post, I will reveal the outstanding benefits of using hashtags and simple steps on how you can start generating hashtags that will make your content go viral!

That is not all!

Read till the end of the post and get an incredible bonus that’ll immediately get you started with using viral hashtags. So let us delve in.


What are Hashtags?

A hashtag is a word or keyword preceded by a hash sign (#). It is used in a social media post to help those interested in your topic find it when they search for a keyword or a specific hashtag.

Using hashtags is essentially a way to group conversations or content around a specific topic, making it easier for people to find content that interests them.

It also helps you draw attention to your posts and encourage interaction.

Benefits Of Using Hashtags

1. Help Your Target Audience Find You

Why do you spend precious time creating that content if not to get noticed online?

Hashtags are a great recipe; adding them to your content will help increase visibility and enable your target audience to find you with ease.

For example, on Instagram, you use #MarketingBlocks in your post. Someone who follows that hashtag will see your latest post in their feed. You might even gain some new followers this way. Oh yeah, thank me later!

2. Increase Interaction With Your Followers

Using hashtags in your posts means that you are engaging in a conversation that is happening on that social media platform. And most importantly, your posts will be visible in that conversation – which can lead to greater engagement and increase your brand’s social media engagement through likes, shares, comments, and new followers. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Raising Awareness About a Specific Topic

Hashtags that raise awareness about an important topic not only have the ability to go viral but also lead to a lot of user-generated content.

At the same time, you and the community are drawing attention to your own business. And more importantly, you are doing something good, and your company will be perceived as socially responsible.

4. Helps With Social Media Influence

If you choose your hashtags correctly and use them with highly engaging content, you can become a social influencer in your target market.

Hashtags also help you gather customer feedback and drive customer engagement. They help specify your niche and load of other benefits.

Now, I must say, for you to unleash the potential of hashtags and ensure optimal visibility for your post and brand, you need “THE RIGHT HASHTAGS!”

As simple as those three words, it requires a lot, trust me!

But, not to worry, here are five simple steps to generate the right and perfect hashtags for your next post in seconds – without racking your brain.

How To Generate Viral Hashtags In 30 Seconds Flat

Step 1: Sign Up for FREE using this link or Log in to your MarketingBlocks account.

Step 2: Click on the “add projects” to create a project OR you can click on any existing project (if you already have one).

Step 3: Answer a few questions  – interact with the AI part

Step 4: Click on “Copy and Content” and then on “Hashtag generator” at the right corner pane under “Copy Categories”

Step 5: Input your post topic, click the “Generate” button, and boooooom!

Finally, Copy and Paste anywhere you wish! And see your post do awesomely well!

Hashtags are an ever-growing communication tool that can help you grow your social media presence and generate more engagement to improve your business. START USING THEM FROM TODAY!

What Next?

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Now I am going to be extremely generous with my hashtags, thanks to the MarketinBlocks hashtag generator.

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