Monthly Roundup | New Integrations and Product Updates | April 2024 – MarketingBlocks AI

Welcome to our monthly blog update, where we round up all the latest feature updates in your all-in-one online business builder—MarketingBlocks.

These updates are aimed at keeping you fully informed about the latest enhancements and developments within MarketingBlocks AI. Our goal is to ensure you are well-equipped to fully utilize the platform, maximizing your efficiency and effectiveness in all your online business endeavors. By staying informed about these updates, you can take full advantage of the evolving features and integrations designed to streamline your workflows and boost your marketing strategies.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting updates for April.

  • Product & Cart v3.2 Private Beta Rollout – Test out the latest version of the MarketingBlocks product and cart tool with a refined interface and enhanced functionalities, designed to streamline how you sell online.
  • Social Spark v3.2 Public Beta Rollout – Experience the new AI-powered Social Spark tool in full effect. With an improved content creation engine, seamlessly integrate your social media accounts, and schedule your content to publish at the most effective times.
  • TikTok & YouTube Integration to Social Spark – Expand your reach by seamlessly integrating with TikTok and YouTube directly within Social Sparks.
  • Comment Bot – Engage with your audience on Facebook and Instagram in real-time, even when your gadgets are far away north.

1. Product & Cart v3.2 Private Beta Rollout

Selling and collecting payments is the lifeblood of any business, and having a reliable, efficient, and professionally designed online selling system is crucial. The MarketingBlocks Product & Cart tool is specifically designed to streamline these essential processes. With the rollout of v3.2, we aim to make these processes even more seamless, enhancing your ability to conduct business online smoothly and effectively – regardless of experience.

Whether you are selling digital or physical products, this tool has got you covered. It offers a robust shopping cart management system that is user-friendly.

Easily set up your online store, sales flow, and checkout pages for your digital and physical products.

Create and manage funnels and upsells to increase sales revenue, plus set up Coupons to boost customer loyalty and encourage early purchases.

Double your online store conversion with seamless integration to widely used autoresponders.

Set up triggers to monitor customer’s activities and ensure seamless follow-up.

Use the activities and report page to help track and optimize your sales performance, among many other features.

This new update is a game-changer.

How to Access:

  • Log into your MarketingBlocks account.
  • Click the “AI Apps” option on your dashboard.
  • Scroll down the list of AI tools to find Product & Cart, and click to launch.

2. Social Spark v3.2 Public Beta Rollout

Your ultimate social media automation tool, Social Sparks, just got better.

At MarketingBlocks, our commitment to continuous quality improvement is unwavering. Since the release of Social Spark 3.0, we’ve been listening intently to your feedback. Taking your insights to heart, we’ve made substantial enhancements and are excited to introduce a significant leap forward from the previous version.

This latest version features an advanced content creation engine and improved workflow, designed to streamline your social media management. Imagine creating a full month’s worth of unique social media content, complete with relatable and high-quality images, all in just a few minutes.

Seamlessly integrate your accounts—be it Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms—and let our AI-driven system schedule your posts for the most effective times.

But then there’s more. . .

3. TikTok & YouTube Integration to Social Spark

In our ongoing effort to enhance the AI Social Sparks tool and expand your social media management capabilities, we are excited to announce the addition of TikTok and YouTube to our list of integrations, which already include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X App. This expansion is designed to significantly broaden your reach and enhance your engagement strategies across more platforms.

You can now seamlessly integrate your TikTok and YouTube accounts into Social Sparks, and launch campaigns to engage your audience.

4. Comment Bot

Still, to bring more firepower to the AI Social Sparks tool, we introduce a powerful new feature: the Comment Bot.

This feature is built to elevate your interaction and engagement score by automatically responding to comments on your Facebook and Instagram posts. It offers both public replies, visible to everyone, and private replies, sent directly to the commenter’s inbox. How cool is that?

Here’s how it works:

1. Public Replies

When a user leaves a comment on a post, the Comment Bot can be set to automatically post a public response after a defined time. This response can either be a generic message or one that’s tailored based on keywords detected in the user’s comment.

2. Private Replies (Direct Messages)

In addition to, or instead of a public reply, the bot can send a private message to your commenter. This feature is particularly useful for addressing sensitive matters, offering personalized assistance, or moving the conversation to a more private channel.

The comment Bot operates in two modes:

Manual Input Response

In this mode, you provide the specific responses that the bot will use. While manual inputs can be more personalized, they require human oversight to manage unique or complex inquiries.

AI-Generated Response

Alternatively, the bot uses artificial intelligence to understand the context of the comment and generate an appropriate response based on the provided keywords. This model is highly effective as it allows the AI to handle a broad range of inquiries autonomously, adapting to the conversation without needing predefined scripts.

Imagine being able to actively engage with your audience on all social media platforms in real-time, even when your gadgets are far away north. The Comment Bot turns this into a reality, ensuring no comment goes unanswered, no matter where you are. With such capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

April was indeed a transformative month, filled with significant updates and enhancements. We’ve rolled out exciting integrations with TikTok and YouTube within Social Sparks, revamped our Product & Cart tool, and launched the dynamic capabilities of our new Comment Bot. Each of these updates marks a step forward in our journey to always refine and expand the tools you rely on.

These updates are designed not only to enhance your existing workflows but to also open up new possibilities for engaging with your audience and optimizing your online business operations. Whether you are streamlining your sales and marketing processes, expanding your social media reach to attract new clients, or engaging more effectively with your community, MarketingBlocks is here to support your growth and success.

We are committed to delivering the best and most efficient solutions to meet your business needs. We encourage you to explore these new features, integrate them into your strategy, and see the difference they make. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is just an email or chat away.

Contact our support desk at for any assistance or to provide feedback.